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Advertising on NBA jerseys? Please say no!
03.10.2012 Posted In: News | Comments

I’ve read reports about how the owners will soon be meeting about the possibility of allowing advertisements on NBA uniforms. Seriously?!

I know that there are other sports that have been advertising on their uniforms for years, but I hope that this doesn’t become a reality for the NBA. It’s understood that the NBA is a business first and foremost but it’s not as if the league was floundering and the extra income is necessary. I can understand why the WNBA teams might need this option since it is no way close to the popularity of it’s brother league. Aren’t there enough corporate logos present on the court and all over the stadiums already? Heck, the scorer’s table has a rotating horizontal billboard for multiple ads!

Business is business and businessmen will always look for additional ways to line their pockets. I can go on about how the owners are being greedy and we haven’t even gotten to the part about potential conflicts of interest. We know that players have their individual sponsorships. What if the team sponsorship happens to conflict with player sponsorships and vice versa? I’m sure that’s something that can be worked out, but there’s a bigger point to be made. THE JERSEYS WILL BE UGLY!

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